Peter Cetera rejects Hall of Fame appearance… again

bassist Peter CeteraPeter Cetera rejects Hall of Fame appearance… again

Former Chicago bassist also rebuffs “chill pill” offer

By David Sands
February 25, 2016

If you’re been wondering whether Peter Cetera will be appearing at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, the answer is once again a resounding “no!”

Now, it should be noted that there’s been some back-and-forth on the issue. The whole story began last December when it was announced that the singer and bassist’s former band Chicago had been selected to be inducted into the Cleveland museum’s Hall of Fame.

Apparently after hearing the news, Chicago keyboardist Robert Lamm got a little excited and jumped the gun, saying his ex-bandmate would be performing at the induction ceremony with them. Cetera responded that their email exchanges had been misunderstood and, as Lamm phrased it, “emphatically declined” to play with Chicago at the event.

Then, in January, he changed his mind and said he would be performing with his bandmates at the Hall of Fame’s April 8 induction ceremony in New York City after all.

Unfortunately that’s not the end of it. On Feb. 8, Cetera posted on his website that he was “frustrated” with trying to come to an agreement with production aspects of the show and that the gig wasn’t “meant to be.” On Monday, he finally opened up about his reasons for nixing the Hall of Fame induction appearance.

“Every idea or suggestion I offered about how it could work musically was either rejected or changed by the shows producers,” he said in a follow-up post. “Together with the fact that while I sent those same emails to the group, the only reply I ever received back from them was a very snarky “Take a chill pill dude!” Whoa! Really?”
Although he acknowledged that many of his fans would be disappointed about his opting out of the event, he said it was important to make the best decision for him in these circumstances.

“At this point in my life, I really don’t care to reintroduce the same negativity, misplaced egos, and petty jealousies I experienced years ago,” he added. “I’m very happy right where I am now, touring and playing my music with a band I love. You should all come and see us if you have the chance and please check my site for performance updates.”

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  • Peter Cetera likes Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee? Really?????. I’m surprised his old band mates even want him around for that appearance at the Hall of Fame. I think Peter belongs into the Hall of Shame.


  • Dude, all you’d have to do is go up onstage and play bass on a couple songs. It’s not that complicated. What a prima donna.


  • I used to like Peter Cetera! Now his hat size is getting to big again. He at this point, doesn’t even have to jump on Oprahs sofa, to be hated! It’s a shame to have that many fans love you and your work, and them stick your middle finger in the face of those that made you wealthy!


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