Randy Meisner Intrigue: Wife Accused Of Trying To Kill Him With Booze

Randy MeisnerRandy Meisner Intrigue: Wife Accused Of Trying To Kill Him With Booze

Former Eagles bassist disputes bizarre claim

By David Sands
May 1, 2015

It sounds like the plot of a film noir movie. A so-called friend of Eagles and Poco bassist Randy Meisner alleges that the musician’s wife is squandering his finances and trying to drown his good buddy in alcohol.

The accuser, James Newton, tells TMZ that Meisner’s wife Lana is keeping him in a “state of near-constant inebriation” and “hopes he drinks himself to death.”  He also claims the bass player is a brain-damaged alcoholic whom Lana keeps unbathed for long stretches. Perhaps not surprisingly, Newton is now taking legal action to gain conservatorship over the former Eagle’s estate, according to the celebrity news site.

The only catch is that Meisner and his wife say the allegations aren’t true. They believe Newton’s actions are part of a strange scheme to steal his assets. Speaking to TMZ, the bass player says he’s “doing great,” has given up hard liquor and enjoys a good relationship with his wife.

Meisner rarely performs in public any more, due to heart problems he began experiencing in 2004, according to his website.

Sadly, this isn’t the musician’s first brush with intrigue of this nature. In 1998, San Francisco police apprehended an Atlanta man named Lewis Peter Morgan after pursuing him for four years on charges related to impersonating Meisner.

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  • my heart is broken to hear such horrors happen to such a beautiful man who has given us so many wonderful times !!


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