Ron Carter Goes Big With My Personal Songbook

Bassist Ron CarterRon Carter Goes Big With My Personal Songbook

The WDR Big Band belts out on his new release

By David Sands
Aug. 25, 2015

Revered jazzman Ron Carter is one of the most recorded bassists in history. From the 1960s on, he’s appeared on more than 2,500 recordings. During this time, he’s played all kinds of basslines with all kinds of musicians. His latest recording, however, offers something the record buying public hasn’t heard before: an album full of original Carter compositions played by an extended orchestra.

The acclaimed double bassist’s upcoming CD, My Personal Songbook, features his work as performed by The WDR Big Band, which is affiliated with a German radio station of the same name. IN+OUT Records is releasing the new album in early September.

The music on the recording is drawn from a live performance that took place in Cologne, Germany in January 2015. Listeners can expect stirring solos from Carter juxtaposed against the sounds of the ensemble playing in its full majesty. The WDR Big Band’s principal conductor, Richard DeRosa, crafted the orchestra’s arrangements to match 10 inspired Carter compositions.

“It honors a radio station to insist on this music and to make such a large band format happen,” Carter said in a release. “Being professional, flexible and having the brilliant musicality of these musicians also add to this project.”

If you’re curious about what it felt like to be at the Cologne performance, you’ll be happy to know the album comes with a DVD that includes video and audio footage of the concert.

While My Personal Songbook is the first all-original recording of this nature by Carter, his 2011 album, Ron Carter’s Great Big Band, also features the musical firepower of an orchestra ensemble. Most of its songs, however, are classic jazz tunes.

A true master of the bass, Carter played with the Miles Davis quintet in the 1960s, and has collaborated with Wes Montgomery, B.B. King, Lena Horne and the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, among many others. Noted for his originality, he’s also served as a bandleader and a teacher over the course of his lengthy career.

Track Listings
Disc 1 (CD):
1. Eight
2. Receipt, Please
3. Ah, Rio
4. Doom Mood
5. Blues For D.P.
6. Wait For The Beep
7. Little Waltz
8. For Toddlers Only
9. Sheila’s Song
10. Cut And Paste

Disc 2 (DVD):
1. For Toddlers Only
2. Eight
3. Ah, Rio
4. Little Waltz
5. Blues for D.P.
6. Sheila’s Song
7. Wait For The Beep

Title: My Personal Songbook
Artist: Ron Carter, WDR Big Band
Release Date: Sept. 4, 2015
Label: IN+OUT Records

Ron Carter My Personal Songbook album cover

Pre-order My Personal Songbook here


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