Slipknot releases new Day of the Gusano clip

Alessandro VenturellaSlipknot releases new Day of the Gusano clip

Trailer features new rehearsal footage with Alessandro Venturella and others

By David Sands

July 25, 2017

Ever wonder what Alessandro Venturella and the rest of Slipknot are like when the masks are off? Fans will get a chance to see just that this fall when the band releases their upcoming documentary Day of the Gusano. In fact, a new clip has just been released for the 90-minute film which documents the metal group’s first ever Knotfest in Mexico City.

The new trailer for Day of the Gusano features brief interviews with Corey Taylor and Mick Thomson, as well as footage of Venturella and others members of the nine-piece metal outfit practicing backstage for a show. (SEE BELOW.)

Gusano, the Spanish term for worm, is used in the film’s title as a reference to Slipknot’s fans, who are known as “maggots.”  Quite appropriate, as the documentary, which is directed by Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan (AKA Clown), chronicles the zeal of the group’s devoted Mexican fan base in addition to offering some top-knotch concert footage and off-the-cuff interviews with bandmates.

Day of the Gusano will premiere on Sept 6 at theaters around the world. Visit Slipknot’s documentary website to learn more.

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