Steve Swallow teams up with Iggy Pop

Steve SwallowSteve Swallow teams up with Iggy Pop

Swallow, Saft and Previte trio collaborates with Stooges frontman on Loneliness Road

By David Sands
September 19, 2017

Steve Swallow’s jazz trio shows some real lust for life on their latest album, which takes an unexpected twist by featuring proto-punk pioneer Iggy Pop on several of its tracks.

Loneliness Road is the second outing for the celebrated bassist’s collaborative trio—made up of him, pianist Jamie Saft and drummer Bobby Previte—following up on their 2014 debut, The New Standard.

Released earlier this year the ensemble’s sophomore effort is a collection that draws from classic American musical idioms like blues, gospel and folk to create something wholly its own. All the songs on the album are first takes.

“It’s a deeper concept of original improvised music that transcends genre,” Saft said in a statement. “I constructed this music on my initial notions of what music I’d like to improvise on with these particular musicians. There was no sense of ‘genre’ in the conception of that music.”

Iggy Pop, appears on three of the recording’s dozen tracks: “Don’t Lose Yourself,” “Everyday” and the titular “Loneliness Road.”

The Stooges frontman joined the project at the urging of a friend, bassist and producer Bill Laswell. The music on the album had already been completed by the time Pop got his hands on them, and the vocalist composed his own lyrics from the material he was given. Once he finally got in the studio, he hit the ground running.

“Each of these is an organic take, no comps, each one also happens to be the first take,” said Pop.” I spent a great deal of time developing each one before the session, so that’s probably why by the time I opened my mouth, I was really dying to sing the song and get it off my chest. There was no lyric sheet or music stand used, because I knew all the words in my head.”

Loneliness Road, originally released in CD and digital formats this May, is now available on vinyl.

1. Ten Nights
2. Little Harbor
3. Bookmaking
4. Don’t Lose Yourself (w. Iggy Pop)
5. Henbane
6. Pinkus
7. The Barrier
8. Nainsook
9. Loneliness Road (w. Iggy Pop)
10. Unclouded Moon
11. Gates
12. Everyday (w. Iggy Pop)

Album: Loneliness Road
Artist: Saft, Swallow and Previte
Label: RareNoise
Release: M

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