The Winery Dogs sizzle again with Hot Streak

The Winery Dogs Hot StreakThe Winery Dogs sizzle again with Hot Streak

Billy Sheehan excited to roll out new songs

By David Sands
October 13, 2015

The Winery Dogs new album, Hot Streak, came out earlier this month, and Billy Sheehan  couldn’t be happier about how it’s being received.

The accomplished musician holds down bass for the power trio alongside drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Metal Allegiance) and guitarist, keyboardist and lead vocalist Richie Kotzen (Poison, Mr. Big).

In the run up to the album’s Oct. 2 release, he’d tweeted several times to share his excitement about playing the supergroup’s new songs live. Yesterday, Sheehan again took to Twitter to talk about their sophomore effort’s success, comparing it to his work on David Lee Roth’s solo debut.

“The Winery Dogs– enters BillBoard Magazine‘s top albums chart at #16!! Highest for me since Eat ’em and Smile!! Thank you all!” he said.

According the group’s record label, Loud & Proud, Hot Streak broke in at #16 on Billboard‘s Top Current Albums chart and hit the top ten in several other categories, including #2 for Top Current Alternative Albums.

While the second album still features Sheehan’s inventive basslines, Portnoy’s powerful drumming and Kotzen’s soaring vocals, it covers a wider range of musical styles than their self-titled 2013 debut.

“I’m glad we’re not playing it safe and just doing songs that automatically fit in the category of what we did on the first record. Some of them are a little different, and we definitely took chances,” Sheehan said in a release. “You have to do that—otherwise, you don’t grow.”

The eclectic album begins with “Oblivion,” Propelled heavy bass thumping and hot guitar licks, the tune examines the stupor of love gone sour. From there, the Dogs go on to cover a lot of musical territory, including the thoughtful but troubled acoustic ballad “Fire,” the headbanging “Captain Love” and the cavernous bottom-dwelling “Spiral,” which features Sheehan trying his hand at some flamenco-inspired bass picking.

Hot Streak‘s material was born from a bunch of musical skeletons developed during group jam sessions. After the music was complete, Kotzen wrote their lyrics, and the band headed to the studio to flesh out what would become the 13 tracks on the album.

Sheehan told the pop culture blog Icon vs. Icon that their new recording really benefited from the musical bonds they’ve formed touring together over the last two years.

“Jamming is a funny thing. If you really know the people you are jamming with, you get a certain sense or ESP between you,” he said. “You just see things falling together right in front of you without any real figuring or scheming it out.”

A double vinyl version of Hot Streak is set to be released in November.

The Winery Dogs are currently playing all over the U.S. and plan to tour internationally in 2016.

Hot Streak, from the Winery Dogs, is available here:


Hot Streak


Track Listing:
2.Captain Love
3.Hot Streak
4.How Long
7.Ghost Town
8.The Bridge
9.War Machine
11.Devil You Know
12.Think It Over
13.The Lamb

Title:  Hot Streak
Artist: The Winery Dogs
Release Date: Oct. 02, 2015
Label: Loud & Proud Records


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