Tim Commerford hints at Rage reunion

bassist Tim CommerfordTim Commerford hints at Rage reunion

Bassist also has new Wakrat album coming out in 2016

By David Sands
November 10, 2016

Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford is giving fans a spark of hope that the band could be getting back on stage with singer Zach La Rocha again. He opened up about that possibility in a recent interview with Kerrang!.

“I am a fan of [RATM] as much as I am a member,” he told the publication “And, like any RATM fan, it’s something I hope can one day happen.”

Commerford currently plays with the prog-punk trio Wakrat and Rage of Prophets, a group that features his RATM bandmates Tom Morello and Brad Wilk as well as DJ Lord and rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy and rapper B-Real of Cypress Hill. The two group’s wrapped up a joint tour last month.

Although Rage Against the Machine played their last show together in 2011, Commerford told Rolling Stone earlier this year that the band has not technically split up. And in his Kerrang! interview, he said his current relationship with singer Zack de la Rocha was “the best it’s been in a long time.”

“I really enjoy my relationship with Zack right now,” he said. “If it gets no better than it is at the moment then I’m happy with that, because I love the guy. I wanna grow up and be an old man and hang out with him, just being bros. That’s the most important thing.”

Commerford has also been hyping his band Wakrat, which is about to drop a new album. In a recent Loudwire interview, the bassist talked about the process of making Wakrat’s debut recording, which features unusual time signatures and draws inspiration from jazz and the alt-metal band Helmet.

“It was a challenge to even play bass to it,” Commerford said. “Truth be told, I couldn’t really wrap my head around it….I Frankensteined the bass together on the songs and ultimately did the same thing with the vocals…[Then] we went back in and we recorded drums and bass together and we played the songs from to back. I sang them all multiple times, front to back…like as if we were recording on 2″ tape.”

Wakrat’s self-titled debut album comes out tomorrow (Nov. 11).

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