That time Paul McCartney punched Eddie Vedder’s face

Paul McCartneyThat time Paul McCartney punched Eddie Vedder’s face

Pearl Jam frontman opens up about getting socked by Sir Paul


By David Sands
June 14, 2017

Say it isn’t so! Eddie Vedder has opened up about an encounter where Paul McCartney punched him right in the kisser. But wait, before you get up in arms, it appears to have all been an accident.

The Pearl Jam singer disclosed the news of his former throttling by one of the Fab Four while filling in Monday (June 12) as a guest DJ on SiriusXM’s recently launched Beatles channel.

Vedder allegedly got smacked while hanging out with McCartney at a hotel bar in Seattle. Paul was reminiscing about a fight he once got into and, while acting out the scene, accidentally socked Eddie right in the face. Ouch!

“He kind of was illustrating how he hit this guy, and when he did that, he shot out his left arm as if he was hitting this guy, and I was standing there, and I got hit,” Vedder said. “It was a great, incredible personal story, and I caught the end of it, but as I was listening I was just thinking, ‘Paul McCartney just hit me in the face. And it hurt!’”

Vedder also remembered tasting  a little blood in his mouth, but, apparently he kept his cool anyways. In the spirit of good manners, McCartney did offer an apology for the unfortunate incident.

McCartney is currently touring the U.S. on his One on One tour. He’ll be appearing in Bossier City, Louisiana tomorrow (July 15) and sticking around in the states until early October when he heads to Brazil.

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