Tool bassist Justin Chancellor hints at new album

bassist Justin ChancellorTool bassist Justin Chancellor hints at new album

…and he says: “it’s going to be awesome”

By David Sands
September 15, 2016

If you’ve been excited over rumors of a new Tool album before… only to have your hopes dashed, this time we swear it’s different.

Sure it’s been a decade since their last studio album, 10,000 Days. And sure there was that silly speculation back in July about a double album called Decem that lead vocalist Maynard James Keenan dismissed in a tweet as “dumb.”

But this time, Tool’s bass player Justin Chancellor actually commented (in a rather coy manner) about the possibility of a new release. When asked in an interview with Top Guitar if the band had something new in the works, he responded: “Don’t ask that question…Just trust me that it’s going to be awesome. It’s in the oven. It’s cooking, it’s cooking.” (SEE VIDEO BELOW).

As if that’s not enough to jump up and down in your seat over, the group’s reclusive frontman Maynard will also be releasing an official memoir called A Perfect Union of Contrary Things on Nov. 8. He’ll be promoting it with a cross-country book tour that begins Nov. 9 in Nashville and wraps up Nov. 21 in San Francisco.

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