Victor Wooten says no to free Facebook lessons

bassist victor wootenVictor Wooten says no to free Facebook lessons

Bassist suggests petitioners buy his products

By David Sands
March 25, 2016

Victor Wooten has a request for aspiring bass players: stop bugging him for free advice over Facebook. It’s not that the Grammy-winning musician doesn’t appreciate their interest, he’s just getting worn out from constant plees for pro bono bass lessons over the interwebs.

“I am repeatedly asked (through Facebook) to give bass tips, lessons, and advice,” Wooten tells his Facebook followers in a March 20 post.

“I absolutely love and appreciate all of my friends and fans. I really really do! I also appreciate the fact that my fans value my opinion that much, but I do not give bass lessons through Facebook.”

“I’ve already done my work. Now it is your turn,” he adds. “If you really want to learn from me, then purchase my educational products, listen to my records, and attend my live shows.”

The musician goes on to say that he’s created records, DVDs, video and books; contributes to a smart phone app called Bass Guru; teaches at the Berklee College of Music; performs concerts; and regularly instructs folks at clinics, workshops and music camps. If fans really want to learn from him, Wooten suggest they “purchase these products” and take advantage of his other “teaching/learning opportunities.”

For those who can’t afford to do so, he suggests they turn inward for improvement.

“You don’t need lessons from me or a better instrument to improve. You need a stronger desire and more determination to make the most of what you do have,” he says.

The Bela Fleck and the Flecktones bassist continues by noting that his mother learned to type by drawing a keyboard onto a piece of cardboard and that children in Argentina who can’t afford instruments learn with “fake” instruments made out of paper.

He signs off by telling fans that he appreciates their support, but will not anwer any requests for bass tips, lessons, or advice via Facebook.

“Give Facebook a break and start listening to more music,” he concludes. “You can do both of those for free.”

The following day, Wooten clarified his earlier message with another shorter post.

“Please believe me when I say that the post was not made out of anger or frustration—not at all,” he says. “I just wanted to answer all of the requests at once, make a point, raise awareness, and hopefully help us all.”

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