Watch Royal Blood’s “How Did We Get So Dark” Video

Royal BloodWatch Royal Blood’s “How Did We Get So Dark” Video

British bass and drum duo’s newest short will surely please their most “rabbit” fans

By David Sands
October 27, 2017

Royal Blood has released a new video and it may be the British duo’s strangest one yet. (WATCH IT BELOW.) 

A tragic song of love on the rocks, “How Did We Get So Dark” appears on the band’s most recent album of the same name, which came out this summer. Directed by the Sacred Egg (who were also behind their video for “Lights Out”), the new video tells a twisted tale of a grim future where, rather than typical post-apocalyptic commodities like water or oil, everyone seems to be fighting over rabbits. The song’s hypnotic drums and mesmerising riffs really ratchet up the cinematic tension, heightening the gritty feel of the apocalyptically absurd short.

Things start off with a literal bang when a villainously bearded bad dude fires a gun, killing some unlucky soul just to steal their rabbit. He then proceeds to carry out a terrifying spree of murder and robbery in order to amass an enormous trove of bunnies, which he mysteriously keeps atop his oddly pristine car. Eventually bassist Mike Kerr and drummer Ben Thatcher show up and a furious pursuit ensues. If that doesn’t sound bizarre enough for you, give it a watch, the end gets even weirder.

Royal Blood is currently touring mainland Europe. They’ll be playing Lisbon, Portugal tomorrow (Oct. 28), then performing a series of shows in Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium before heading over to their native U.K. in mid-November. Concerts in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and New Zealand are planned for 2018.

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