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Buy Jon Liebman's POWER GROOVING masterclass, and start grooving!

With Power Grooving, you'll have the tools to build your own bass grooves, in any style of music!

By the end of this program, you will have learned how to take any chord progression and lay down a bass groove on it in any style, and in any key! 

Stop Being Limited By The Number of Styles You Can Play on The Bass

You want to learn bass. You imagine yourself laying down all kinds of grooves with the band. First, it's a feel-good blues shuffle, then a swingin’ walking bass line. Up next, you're showing off your nastiest R&B groove, then some ridiculously funky slap bass. The band is hot tonight! You’re supplying the grooves, one after another. The crowd is into it. Everyone feels great. Especially you!

In the real world, though, that’s not happening, is it? Right now, maybe you can manage a basic blues or a simple rock beat. But then what? The band wants more from you. The audience wants more from you. The people want to dance.

 They’re requesting everything from disco music and Latin grooves to country/bluegrass and a waltz. And you’re totally unable to deliver. Everyone’s looking at you. And you’re looking down at your feet.
You were so eager and pumped. You had such hopes and excitement! Now all you want to do is hide under a rock. And not come out.

Do you know that feeling? Well, I do. I remember it well – no matter how hard I try to forget it! It’s frustrating, embarrassing, and totally disheartening. In fact, it’s downright awful.

Isn’t it time you did something about it?

Your Problem Is Totally Solvable!*

*if you have the right person to guide you.

There are steps to take to get where you want to go. And I've got them all laid out for you.

At, I take the frustration out of learning bass, so you can build confidence, have fun, and thoroughly enjoy making music!

I’m privileged to have helped over 125,000 people learn bass. And the funny thing is, people are always asking me for more. More bass grooving instructionSo, I developed a new masterclass, specifically for bass grooving.

It's called POWER GROOVING FOR BASS PLAYERS, and it's completely different from anything else I’ve ever done.

Imagine taking a chord progression, any chord progression, and being able to play it with a rock beat, a walking bass line, a Latin groove, a reggae beat, a gospel feel, a funky R&B groove, a blues shuffle… 

Any kind of groove in any style. And in any key!

Would you like to be able to do that?

And how would it be if you happened to build some amazing bass chops along the way?

If that sounds good to you, keep reading. That’s what you can learn from my Power Grooving masterclass.

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Here’s how POWER GROOVING works:

Power Grooving is made up of 6 modules, each one with about 5 or 6 lessons. Throughout the masterclass, Power Grooving maintains a consistent emphasis on grooving ability. I’ll show you how to take bass grooving concepts and apply them to any style of music.


Module 1: Five Things Every Bass Player Must Know

This module covers my list of five things that are absolutely necessary for being a good, solid bass player, regardless of how long you've been playing and what styles you're into.

The material here was compiled from my 4+ decade career as a professional bass player, including a lot of trial and error and on-the-job training! I’m going to pass along to you a lot of the things I learned - sometimes the hard way! - to help you avoid unpleasant experiences.


Module 2: Scale Studies - That Groove!

Module 2 is focused on scale and arpeggio studies... but not like anything you’ve seen before! 

If you know anything about me and how my bass lessons are structured, you know I’m all about the groove. Even when it comes to scales! You’ll be mastering your scales by grooving on them, playing rock lines, walking bass lines, country, R&B and jazz/rock fusion grooves. It’s a fun, musical way to get your scales down. By grooving!


Module 3: Power Grooving in Action

Module 3 will take you deeper into the Power Grooving concepts and techniques. Here, we’re going to take a four-chord progression and play it with a light rock groove, an extended shuffle groove, a funky R&B groove, a pop-style groove and a Latin/salsa groove.

Throughout the entire masterclass, I’ll be continually reinforcing the five things covered in Module 1, so you can apply them to any chord progression in any style.


Module 4: Power Grooving and the Minor Blues

Module 4 is all about the minor blues, with its distinct sound and flavor.

Here you’ll be applying the Power Grooving concepts to a soulful B.B. King-style blues, a swingin’ jazz walking bass line, a country ballad, a Motown-style minor blues, and a rock & roll-style minor blues.


Module 5: Lesser played (but still important!) Styles

In Module 5, we'll veer off the mainstream, just a bit. The styles in this module aren’t as common as a blues shuffle or a basic rock beat, but they’re still important to know. And they’re fun to play! 

Here we’ll take a single chord progression and play it with a hip-hop feel, a reggae feel, a five/four groove, a jazz waltz, a jazz/rock fusion groove, and a dance/disco groove. Did I mention these are fun to play? 


Module 6: Ultimate Power Grooving!

The Power Grooving journey culminates with Module 6: Ultimate Power Grooving!

The lessons in this module are longer than those in the previous modules, taking the Power Grooving concept to maximum level. Here we’re going to take a regular 12-bar blues, stretch it out, and play it in 10 different styles: shuffle, jazz, R&B, gospel, rock, bluegrass, slapping, Latin, ballad, and fusion.

The grooves in this module emphasize what we’ll be talking about all along. Once you understand the Power Grooving techniques, you can apply them to any chord progression, in any style of music!

A few of the benefits of my Power Grooving masterclass

Self-paced “Theme & Variations” structure 

Power Grooving was developed using my signature “Theme & Variations” format. Each lesson starts out relatively easy, then slowly becomes more challenging, little by little. The audio backing tracks, however, can be played with any portion of the lesson. So whether you want to work on the easy stuff, or the more challenging stuff, you can choose whatever example(s) you like. You can work on whatever parts of the lesson are appropriate for your level, at your own pace, until you’re ready to move up. I refer to this format as having “built-in inspiration” in every lesson. My students love it!

Actionable takeaways with every lesson!

Throughout the masterclass, you’ll be receiving constant reinforcement of the “5 Things Every Bass Player Must Know,” including valuable advice about laying down a solid groove, locking in with the drummer, understanding the harmony, and more. You’ll have specific action items to put to use right away, after every lesson. Power Grooving was designed with my “Teach a man to fish” approach, providing you with the tools to develop your own bass lines, so you can learn to groove in any style of music. You’ll have everything you need to be that bass player that everyone wants to have in their band!

Downloadable, printable PDFs. Practice anywhere! 

In addition to being able to follow along with the music during my demonstrations (fast and slow), you can download and print a PDF of every lesson. I realize it’s not always practical, or even necessary to practice each lesson in front of your computer, tablet, smartphone, or whatever you’re using. With this feature, you can print off a copy of the music notation (which also includes tablature, by the way!), and take it with you wherever you go.

Looping audio tracks, with variable speed!

Every lesson in Power Grooving includes two audio tracks, one with bass and one without. That way, you can practice any portions of the lesson you want, the easier examples or the more challenging ones. All tracks are configured to loop continuously, so you can practice as long as you want. Another great feature is the variable speed control on every track, so you can slow the music down – or speed it up! – whatever you want!

Here's what people are saying...

From the moment it was first launched, reviews for Jon Liebman's POWER GROOVING MASTERCLASS have been absolutely off the hook! Here's what just a few of the Power Grooving purchasers have to say about it:

Joe L.

New York

I’ve tried numerous online courses before, and nothing comes close to this one. With Power Grooving, I’m learning great bass lines and theory, and I’m having fun doing it! I love this course!

Mike S.


Once again, Jon has produced a fine product. Power Grooving has introduced me to many musical genres where I’m learning less about memorization and more about making music!

Colin B.


I have always had trouble with arpeggios and harmony. Power Grooving has turned the lights on for me. Jon is an amazing teacher! I started out with his books, then the FBPO membership, and now Power Grooving. This course is great for all levels of bass players!

Is POWER GROOVING right for you?

At For Bass Players Only, I'm all about making you a better bass player.
Imagine being able to take any chord progression and groove on it in any style. In any key! That’s what you’ll learn to do in my new Power Grooving for Bass Players masterclass.

Whether it’s a shuffle groove you want to play, or a rock groove, a walking bass line, some funk or R&B, Power Grooving will give you the tools to groove in any style. Wanna lay down some Latin grooves? Reggae? Gospel? Bluegrass? Slapping? Power Grooving’s got it. Plus Motown, hip-hop, dance/disco, and more. The sky’s the limit!

My uniquely designed, critically-acclaimed lessons will have you making steady progress, at your own pace, regardless of your current level.

I feel very privileged to have helped over 125,000 people learn bass. I’d love to help you too!
For a behind-the-scenes look at what's inside my new Power Grooving masterclass, be sure to watch the video at the top of this page.

Jon Liebman

Founder/1st Bassman

For Bass Players Only

Jon Liebman is a world-renowned bassist, composer, arranger, author and educator. He has played electric and acoustic bass in every imaginable setting, from jazz gigs and club dates to full-scale concerts in many of the world’s major performance venues.

Jon has performed and/or toured with everyone from José Feliciano and Julio Iglesias to Amy Grant, Cleo Laine, The Fifth Dimension, Eartha Kitt, Buddy DeFranco, The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters, The Chiffons, and countless others. He has also supplied bass tracks for commercials, film scores, and major recording projects for Ford, GM, the NBA, and lots more.

Jon is the author of several best-selling bass instruction books, including Funk BassPlay Like Jaco Pastorius, and the wildly successful Bass Aerobics. A truly passionate educator, Jon has helped over 125,000 people all over the world become better bass players.

Power Grooving students get results!


How much would you expect to pay for the kind of comprehensive, practical instruction you'll get with Power Grooving? A good private teacher seldom charges less than $40 to $50 per lesson. Some even get upwards of $100 for every lesson. And if you go the college or university route, you can easily find yourself paying $20,000 per semester, or in many cases, much more.

When you buy Power Grooving, one low fee gets you unlimited access to all 6 modules, all 36 lessons. You’ll proceed, step-by-step, at your own pace, learning to groove in any style of music.

Power Grooving students get amazing results with their bass playing!


money-back guarantee

Power Grooving comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you decide Power Grooving is not for you, just say the word and I’ll refund your money. You’ve got nothing to lose. It’s 100% risk-free!

High praise from the professional bass community

Lincoln Goines

Mike Stern, Wayne Krantz, Dave Valentin

“Jon has his finger on the pulse of the 21st century bass world. His books and videos are right on. Great stuff from a great teacher!”

Mark Egan

Pat Metheny, Gil Evans, solo artist

Jon is a great bassist and continues to provide the bass community with great tools for all styles of playing.”

John Goldsby

WDR Big Band, Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine

“Jon Liebman is one of the foremost authorities in the world of online bass teaching and learning”

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Power Grooving different from Jon’s other bass resources?

How are the modules delivered? Do I get them all at once?

How will I know if Power Grooving is appropriate for my level of playing?

How long are the lessons? How are they formatted? 

Do I have to be a strong sight reader to benefit from Power Grooving?

Power Grooving looks like it's just what I need! But what if I still have more questions? 

A personal note from Jon Liebman

Having been a professional bass player for over forty years, I'm proud to share with you my time-tested approach to learning to play the instrument. I hope you'll become a member of For Bass Players Only by buying Power Grooving, so I can help you achieve your bass-playing goals.

I'm incredibly proud of my students, who continuously demonstrate amazing results with their bass playing. I invite you to join us.

Let's play bass!


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