Recurring Monthly Ad (“Deluxe”)

The RECURRING MONTHLY plan is an excellent way to keep your company top-of-mind with our audience.

In case you need a little time to get your ad image ready, we’ll give you up to 7 days to do so. Your credit card won’t be charged until 7 days after you sign up, or until we post your ad on our sites, whichever comes first.

We want to make sure you understand that this ad campaign has a two-month minimum, and that after the initial charge, your card will be charged again in a month (still a great deal, any way you look at it!).

Also, this is a recurring plan. If you don’t cancel after 2 months (cancelling is easy!), your credit card will continue to be charged every month. Don’t worry, though! We’re not trying to catch you off guard, or hoping you’ll forget. We’ll email you a receipt after every payment.