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How many times have you imagined yourself laying down a groove as the bass player in a band? You lock eyes with the drummer who smiles approvingly at your nasty grooves. People are digging the music, their bodies swaying, heads bobbing up and down. You know you're the one making everything feel so good!

In reality, though, none of that's happening. Rather, you find yourself just standing there, totally unsure of what to do. Every bit of confidence you were counting on has gone out the window. This is not what you were expecting, or hoping for. If only you knew what you were supposed to do.

Sound familiar?


I know that feeling of frustration. And I know, with the right guidance, it can be overcome. There's nothing like the feeling of laying down a bass groove with confidence. It's incredibly fun to play a blues, or a classic rock line, or a good old shuffle groove. And it's especially rewarding knowing you're the one making the music feel good.

I've designed a curriculum that cuts right through to the what every bass player needs to know. You can be learning, step-by-step, how to play a bass line that's just what song needs. I'll have you playing funk  and R&B grooves, rock, blues, walking bass lines, shuffles, and a whole lot more, all at your own pace. You'll have a blast!

Jon Liebman

I understand how uncomfortable it feels when you think you’re doing a good job playing bass, only to discover that the people around you look embarrassed – for you!

My first recording session, in an actual studio, is a case in point. I was young, and I thought I was pretty hot stuff… until I heard the playback. The word “uncomfortable” doesn’t begin to describe what I felt at that moment. Looking back, it’s hard to know where I found the resolve to pursue a career in music.

But I was determined. I wanted to be a bass player and worked at it relentlessly until I started to get work. After some time, I found myself playing some pretty big venues, traveling around the world, and yes, doing recording sessions.

Eventually, I got to a point where I wanted to share with others what I’d learned along the way. I started writing bass instruction books, and launched this online resource for people who want to learn bass.

So far, I’ve been privileged to help over 125,000 people become better bass players. My students have come from nearly every state in the U.S. and about 50 countries worldwide.

I highly recommend Jon’s online bass lessons, regardless of your level.

Øystein D. - Norway

Simply phenomenal online courses. Hands Down.

David D. - New Jersey

Before I joined FBPO, I would say Im trying to learn bass. Now, with everything I’ve learned, I can say, "I'M A BASS PLAYER!"

Greg S. - California


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"Having known Jon Liebman for decades, I can attest to his passion for the bass and his broad interest and knowledge in different styles.

- John Patitucci

ForBassPlayersOnly.com is a fine resource to all of us who love the bass!

- Jeff Berlin

For Bass Players Only! Come and funk with us, baby. On the one!

Bootsy Collins


Playing bass is meant to be fun.

At For Bass Players Only, I’ve taken the frustration out of learning bass, so you can build confidence and thoroughly enjoy making music. You want to have fun playing bass, but in order to do that, there are certain things you need to do.

If you’re not able to lay down a solid bass groove, you’ll feel frustrated, intimidated, maybe even embarrassed. And nobody should have to play – or listen to – music that doesn’t groove.

I understand how it feels to be in that position. That’s why I’ve spent over 30 years developing resources to help people, like you, approach every musical situation with confidence, regardless of what style you’re playing.

Everything around here grooves.

When you’re learning bass, there’s no reason you can’t be grooving the whole time, even with routine “must-dos” like scales and arpeggios. Why shouldn’t those things be rhythmically enjoyable and musically satisfying too?!

Well, at For Bass Players OnlyTHEY ARE!

Imagine grooving from your very first lesson, having fun while you’re getting good, and getting good while you’re having fun!

Learn bass, step-by-step.

At For Bass Players Only, you’ll learn bass at your own speed, with tons of guidance for hands-on practice. You’ll be grooving in different styles, becoming proficient in all kinds of bass techniques, plus theory, sight reading, building bass lines, and lots more. You won’t be just playing notes; you’ll actually be making music!

In every lesson, I provide a complete demonstration, first at full tempo, then slowly, with the music notation right there on the screen, complete with tablature.

Then I back out completely, letting you fill in the bass part! You can even print off a PDF of every lesson, and practice any or all of the parts with the looping audio track that’s also included with every lesson.

Built-in inspiration

And here’s the really cool part! Each lesson is made up of, say, 6, or 8, or 10 examples, starting simple, then getting increasingly difficult. But the backing tracks work for all the examples! So, if you can only handle the first one or two examples, no problem! Just work on those as you aspire to move up to the harder stuff. That’s what makes my lessons are suitable for bass players of all levels.

Here’s how it works:

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Join FBPO now, so you can stop all the angst and frustration, and release the confident bass groover trapped inside you!


What if I don’t have a lot of money to spend on bass lessons?

I understand where you’re coming from, so I’ve made my pricing very competitive, especially when you look at the value of what you’re getting. What’s more, a private teacher might charge $50 or $75 an hour, and sometimes a lot more. At FBPO, you can pay in installments of just $20 a month, for unlimited access to all my lessons and courses. And if you opt for the 6-month or 12-month plan, it’s even more economical, costing less than 44 cents a day!

What if I don’t have a lot of time to devote to learning bass?

I understand you have a busy life and it can be difficult to find the time to indulge in your desire to learn bass. My lessons and courses are structured so you can still make great strides, even if you can't spend hours practicing every day. Most of my lessons are about 10 minutes or less. What's more, each lesson is made of up of several examples with a "theme & variations" approach, so you can work on whatever you need for as long as you can. The amount of progress you make will surprise you!

Of all the bass sites, what makes this the right one for me?

Honestly, I don’t know if it is or not. What I can tell you, though, is I’ve been doing this a long time and I’ve helped over 125,000 people become better bass players. If there’s something about my bass instruction that’s just not “hitting the spot” with you, I respect that, and I hope you find what you’re looking for. Keep in mind, though, that you can try it out for free to decide whether or not FBPO is for you. If it’s not, we can say we tried and part as friends. Also, remember I’m updating the content all the time, so if now’s not the time, maybe later is. It’s up to you.

How does your bass instruction compare with that of a private teacher?

With my lessons, you can login anytime, day or night, and work at your own pace on whatever you want. Granted, a teacher can give you immediate, one-on-one feedback and lots of individual attention, however, at FBPO, I encourage members to send me videos of their playing for me to critique, at no additional cost to them. Some FBPO members use my lessons in conjunction with a private teacher, to provide additional coaching. An FBPO membership is also significantly less expensive than a private teacher. Again, it’s up to you.

I'm a beginner. Is that okay?

Absolutely! While some of the courses can get rather advanced, others are actually quite simple. Keep in mind that most of the bass lines you'll be called upon to play in the "real world" are simple. If you've never played bass before, you'll likely want to start with the Beginners and Easy courses. In addition, the "Bassics" course incorporates many of the fundamentals of bass playing and overall fingerboard proficiency into some simple grooves you're sure to enjoy playing. Each lesson includes video demonstrations, at both fast and slow tempos, enabling you to “nail” each piece, while progressing at your own speed.

My sight-reading's no so hot. Is that a problem?

I can help there too. In fact, I've got an entire Sight Reading course that will take you through the process of learning to read music, step-by-step. In addition, all my lessons are enormously helpful for getting your reading together. As you watch each lesson demonstrated, both at full tempo and slowly, you'll see the music notation at the bottom of your screen.

Every lesson includes not only standard music notation, but tablature as well, giving you a head-start toward getting those notes under your fingers.

I do recommend, though, that you eventually wean yourself away from the tablature and learn to read actual notes, note values, rhythms, etc. It will increase your reading ability immeasurably.

There's a lot of content on this site. How do I knew where to begin?

Again, I'm here to help. You can start by telling me your bass-playing goals and I'll work with you to set up a plan and a roadmap to guide you through the process. Or, if you prefer, you can just jump in anywhere, based on what you're looking to learn. I invite and encourage you to keep in touch to let me know how you're doing and to share your progress with me. I'd love to hear from you!

Do you have anything for upright bass?

Yes! In fact, not only do I have an entire course devoted 100% to upright bass, but you'll also find lots of other lessons perfectly suited to the upright, including several in the Jazz, Blues, Building Bass Lines, and other courses.

What if I still have more questions?

By all means, please reach out, any time. You can click the "CONTACT" link at the bottom of every page. Or, just click HERE and tell me what's on your mind. Whether you've got questions, concerns, feedback -- good or bad -- or anything else, let me know. I will always welcome hearing from you!

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  • Unlimited access to all lessons and courses!
  • Hands-on grooving in a wide variety of styles!
  • "Nuts & bolts" instruction on theory, sight reading, building bass lines, and more...
  • Downloadable PDF of every lesson
  • Looping audio track with every lesson, with everything but the bass!
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I've taken the frustration out of learning bass, so you can build confidence and become the groover you've always wanted to be!

Jon Liebman
Founder/1st Bassman
For Bass Players Only