When you join the Bottom Line Club, you’ll go from feeling frustrated and unsure about how to play bass to feeling confident in your ability to (painlessly!) lay down a simple groove, play the music you love, and have more fun than you ever imagined!

Over 130,000 people have learned bass from Jon Liebman

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’ve always wanted to play an instrument but never got very far with it
  • You’re frustrated about not knowing what to do or how to get started
  • You’re feeling nervous about getting older and you're asking yourself, “If not now, then when?”
  • You’re worried about your body being, well, not what it used to be and you’re concerned that those sore muscles, achy joints, etc., will hold you back

If it does, then you know:

  • There’s a ton of stuff out there, including all those free YouTube videos. But do you really want to spend untold hours sorting through and testing everything, and still not be sure if you’ve hit on the right stuff? I doubt it.
  • Other websites try to overwhelm you with content for content’s sake, leaving you feeling lost and bewildered. You wish there was a straightforward path to teach you what you need.

Good news: 

You don’t have to worry about that stuff any more!

Introducing the Bottom Line Club

The Bottom Line Club is considered by most to be the best and most practical membership program for learning bass.

In the Bottom Line Club, you’ll follow a step-by-step, time-tested framework that will have you laying down a feel-good bass groove from the very beginning - no matter how old you are!

You’ll start seeing results right away, making music and having fun!

I've helped over 130,000 people learn bass. Can they all be wrong?


I've gone from zero music skills to being able to play with a fun group of musicians. The Bottom Line Club has added a lot of fulfillment to my life!

Mark S. California

The Bottom Line Club has what you need!

  • Learn how to play your favorite styles of music, including classic rock, blues, shuffles, walking bass, funk, slapping, and lots more;
  • Not only will you become proficient with your scales and theory, but you'll get practical guidance on what to do with “all those notes!”
  • Get your sight reading together, once and for all, starting with tablature, then weaning away from it!
  • Learn at your own pace, through my trademarked Groove Grower™ framework;
  • Customize your practicing with the audio play-along audio tracks, with and without bass, included with every lesson;
  • Download PDFs of every lesson so you can practice away from your computer or device!

Get unlimited access to:

  • The entire Bottom Line Club library!
  • The off-the-hook benefits of the Growth Track!
  • My critically acclaimed, results-getting Groove Grower™ system for learning bass!

You'll have everything laid out for you, with an organized, step-by-step path designed to help you solve your bass-playing problems and achieve your bass-playing goals.


When I first discovered this site, I found out quickly that "This is the one!" I've learned so much. Jon Liebman has a great personality and teaches like a friend. He doesn't show off, he just teaches what you need to know. I'm very happy since joining this site!

Jeff B. Illionois

What makes the Bottom Line Club different?

The Bottom Line Club is generally considered the best online membership program for learning bass. Here are 5 reasons:

It's ideal for people over 50 (and in many cases, people older than over 50!) who’ve always wanted to play a musical instrument but never got very far with it. Many BLC students dabbled in bass when they were in high school or college. Then, you know, life happened, requiring them to put it aside… until now!

It's straight to the point. You’ll learn right away how to lay down the musical foundation for the band and immediately discover the beauty of the bass in itssupportive role (the bass is NOT a “background” instrument!). You’ll be amazed at how even the simplest bass line can make the music feel great. The bass, after all, is the reason people get up and start dancing!

It's easy to follow. The Bottom Line Club will guide you toward finding your spot on the “Growth Track” spectrum, where you’ll learn what specific areas you need to work on for solving your bass-playing prioblems and achieving your bass-playing goals. Following specific action items with well-defined targeted milestones, you’ll move along a clearly explained sequence of steps that'll have you laying down simple, feel-good bass grooves right from the very beginning.

It's results-oriented. My trademarked Groove Grower™ framework inside the Bottom Line Club follows a theme-and-variations structure, where each variation is just a little bit more advanced than the one before. The audio backing tracks, included with every lesson, work for all the variations, the easy ones and the more challenging ones. That way, you play what you can and move up when you’re ready. This system is fantastic for achieving gradual, steady improvement!

It's proven. I developed the Bottom Line Club after my decades-long career as a professional bass player, touring, traveling, writing, and recording all over the world, learning first-hand what works -- and what doesn't. The Bottom Line Club is designed with the very system I've used to helped over 130,000 people learn bass. My bass instruction resources have attracted people from virtually every state in the U.S. as well as hundreds of countries worldwide. My method has also been a key component of the music curricula in the music programs of many colleges and universities.


What a great learning vehicle Jon has created! The lessons offered here are so diverse and full of options, they just resonate with me!

Jim M. Maine

About Jon

Jon Liebman
Founder/1st Bassman
For Bass Players Only

Jon Liebman is a world-renowned bassist, composer, arranger, author and educator. He has played electric and acoustic bass in every imaginable setting, from jazz gigs and club dates to full-scale concerts in many of the world’s major performance venues.

Jon has performed and/or toured with José Feliciano, Julio Iglesias, Amy Grant, Cleo Laine, The Fifth Dimension, Eartha Kitt, Buddy DeFranco, The Drifters, The Platters, The Coasters, The Chiffons, and countless others. He has also supplied bass tracks for commercials, film scores, and major recording projects for many companies, including Ford, GM, and the NBA.

Jon is the author of several best-selling bass instruction books, including Funk BassPlay Like Jaco Pastorius, and the wildly successful Bass Aerobics. A truly passionate educator, Jon has helped over 130,000 people all over the world become better bass players.


I got the sense instantly that you are definitely concerned about my development on the bass, Jon. What you're offering is quite astounding!

Elex F. New Jersey

Benefits include:

My unique Groove Grower System 

With my Groove Grower system, each lesson starts a single idea, followed by several variations, with each variation slightly more challenging than the one before it. You can work on whichever variations are appropriate for your level until you’re ready to move up. The audio backing tracks, included with every lesson, can be played with any -- or all -- of the variations. With Groove Grower™ it's like having "built-in inspiration" included with every lesson!

"Growth Track" sequence

Growth Track is a step-by-step guide, specifically designed to help you solve your bass-playing problems and achieve your bass-playing goals. As you move through the 5 stages in Growth Track, you can measure your progress with the action items and milestones in each stage. And you have the entire Bottom Line Club library available to do it! Growth Track is possibly the biggest single improvement ever added to the Bottom Line Club!

Download the PDFs -- Practice Anywhere!

Another extremely useful feature is a downloadable PDF, included with every lesson. I understand that it’s not always practical, or even necessary to practice each lesson in front of your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. With this feature, you can print off a copy of the music notation, plop it on your music stand, table, etc., and practice to your heart’s content, in any place that suits you!

Looping Audio Tracks With Every Lesson

Also included with every lesson is an audio track with everything but the bass. This way, you can practice any portion of the lesson you need, whether it’s the groove or the solo, the easy part or the hard part. Maybe there’s a particular excerpt you want to focus on. Each audio track is pre-programmed to loop back to the beginning after completing, giving you unlimited practicing – and grooving – ability!


“I like the way you bring forth your courses in such a friendly, approachable way, Jon. It doesn't feel so frightening getting to grips with the bass!"

Angela S. England

Joining the Bottom Line Club is super easy!

When you join the Bottom Line Club, you get unlimited access to:

  • The entire Bottom Line Club library
  • Results-driven benefits of the Growth Track system
  • Critically acclaimed Groove Grower™ framework for learning bass.
  • Hands-on grooving in a wide variety of styles
  • "Nuts & bolts" instruction on theory, sight reading, building bass lines, and more...
  • Downloadable PDFs of every lesson
  • Looping audio tracks with every lesson, with everything but the bass!
  • Direct access to Jon!

Everything is laid out for you, with an organized, step-by-step path for solving your bass-playing problems and achieving your bass-playing goals.

1. Click the "JOIN NOW!" button

2. Choose your plan

3. Start grooving!


A great way to get started!

$30 /month


Get 3 months free!

$270 /year

Start your membership now.

It's 100% risk-free!

  • When you join the BOTTOM LINE CLUB, you'll be able to check out all of my lessons and courses for 14 days, totally risk-free! 
  • If, for whatever reason, you decide it's not for you, just cancel within 14 days and I'll refund your money.
  • You've got nothing to lose. Guaranteed!



Frequently Asked Questions

Am I too old to learn bass?

How do I know my body can handle playing bass?

I don't know if I want to spend the money.

I'm a beginner. Is that okay?

My sight-reading sucks! Is that a problem?

There's a lot of stuff here. Where do I begin?

Do you have anything for upright bass?

What if I don't have a lot of time? 

More questions? No problem! Reach out, any time. You can click the "CONTACT" link at the bottom of every page. Or, just click HERE and tell me what's on your mind. Whether you've got questions, concerns, feedback, or anything else, let me know. I love helping people with their bass questions!

High praise from the professional bass community too!


Jon Liebman is one of the first pioneers to really get a website done right. The bass community owes him a tip of the hat. Thanks, Jon!

Billy Sheehan


ForBassPlayersOnly.com is a fine resource for all of us who love the bass!

Jeff Berlin


Jon Liebman is an indispensable conduit to us bassists around the globe, keeping the bass community vibrant and inspired.

Will Lee


For Bass Players Only is a wonderful resource!

Victor Wooten


For Bass Players Only! Come and funk with us, baby. On the one!

Bootsy Collins

A personal note from Jon Liebman

Having been a professional bass player for over 40 years, I'm excited to share with you my time-tested approach for teaching bass. 

I hope you'll become a member of the Bottom Line Club, so I can help you achieve your bass-playing goals, whatever they may be.

I'm incredibly proud of my students, especially those “north” of 50 or 60, often facing physical challenges, who continuously demonstrate amazing results with their bass playing. I invite you to join us.

Let's play bass!


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