For Bass Players Only

Jon Liebman, Founder/1st Bassman

Despite sore muscles, achy joints, and getting old(er)

Playing an instrument shouldn’t be frustrating. It should be easy and fun – even if you’re over 50 and parts of you hurt!

I’ve taken the frustration out of learning bass, so you can build confidence, have fun, and just enjoy playing music.

Wouldn't you love to play the kind of music you enjoyed so much back in the day? Let me show you how!

Access these free resources and jump-start your bass playing!


Actionable first-hand advice from some of the biggest names in bass, including Leland Sklar, Tony Levin, Bryan Beller, Mark Egan, and more. You can put these tips use right away!


Super fun video play-along lesson with downloadable PDF (including tablature). You'll have a blast with this one -- especially if you're over 50 and parts of you hurt!


Want to learn how to play a swingin' walking bass line but you're not sure where to begin? This free video lesson will help you get you started right away!

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I got the sense instantly that you are definitely concerned about my development on the bass, Jon. What you're offering is quite astounding!

Elex F.New Jersey


I've gone from zero music skills to being able to play with a fun group of musicians. FBPO has added a lot of fulfillment to my life!

Mark S. California


I highly recommend Jon’s online bass lessons, regardless of your level.

Øystein D. Norway


What a great learning vehicle Jon has created! The lessons offered here are so diverse and full of options, they just resonate with me!

Jim M. Maine


I'm loving FBPO! It's fun to improve on my bass playing and lock into the groove.

Nick F. England


Before I joined FBPO, if somebody asked if I played an instrument, I would say, "I’m trying to learn bass." Now I say, "Yeah! I’m a bass player!"

Greg S. California

High praise from the professional bass community!


Jon Liebman is one of the first pioneers to really get a website done right. The bass community owes him a tip of the hat. Thanks, Jon!

Billy Sheehan


For Bass Players Only is a wonderful resource!

Victor Wooten


Jon Liebman is an indispensable conduit to us bassists around the globe, keeping the bass community vibrant and inspired.

Will Lee


Jon is a knowledgeable cat that has put together a great site for learning bass skills.  Good work, man!

Ed Friedland


Jon's "For Bass Players Only" site is a wonderful resource for bassists. It offers a convenient and practical way to work on grooves in several styles of music, perhaps the most important and challenging skill for anyone who’s serious about bass.

Michael Manring


For Bass Players Only! Come and funk with us, baby. On the one!

Bootsy Collins