Adam Ben Ezra

Electrifying double bassist tells us all about his decision to go solo

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
August 19, 2019

 By David Sands

Israeli double bassist Adam Ben Ezra makes music that draws upon jazz, Latin and Mediterranean traditions while remaining startlingly original. His eclectic solo work has won him accolades from industry critics as well reviewers from outlets like the BBC, CBS and Time Magazine. An internet all-star, he’s garnered tens of millions of hits with his online videos and built-up a powerful fan base on social media platforms. Ben Ezra also found success touring around the world, performing at well-known international music gatherings and sharing the stage with fusion luminaries like Pat Metheny, Victor Wooten and Richard Bona. Up to this moment, his discography consists of three releases: a 2013 self-titled solo EP, 2015’s Can’t Stop Running (which features his trio) and the 2017 solo album Pin Drop. And as you sit here reading, he’s hard at work on another that should be coming out soon.

FBPO’s Jon Liebman recently got a chance to catch up with Ben Ezra about his introduction to the bass, why he went solo and upcoming music projects during a meetup at Cliff Bell’s jazz club in Detroit.

Watch our interview with Adam!


See Jon’s blog, with key takeaways from this interview, here.

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