Divinity Roxx

Former Beyoncé, Victor Wooten bassist on her children’s books, theater productions, and one-woman show

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
February 6, 2023

Photo: Doug Overton

Divinity Roxx just seems to make a splash wherever she goes. The multiple times Grammy nominee is known for an innovative blend of hip-hop, rock and funk that she calls “alternative soul.” Her career got going in the early 2000s with a big kick, when Victor Wooten invited her on tour after meeting her at his bass camp. Roxx followed that up serving as the bassist and music director for Beyoncé’s touring band from 2006 to 2011. She’s also been a frequent guest on a multitude of television shows and participated in a special performance at the White House with President Barack Obama. Roxx has released numerous recordings as a solo performer, including the album ImPossible, which won her an Independent Music Award in 2016 for “Best Spoken Word Album.”

Watch our interview with Divinity!

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Comments on Divinity Roxx

  1. Ronnie Jones sr says:

    I meet Divinity Rocco with Ronnie Hudson at Usher’s studio in Atlanta. Her and her sisters we’re playing and they were called the GG’s.

  2. Gods Anointed Rimnant says:

    She was playing with the Bruno Mars song with those sisters.

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