Dr. Randall Kertz

Bassist/chiropractor advises on how to avoid pain while playing bass

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
July 25, 2022

Even though we’d rather it didn’t, sometimes playing the bass can make you go “Ouch!” No one knows this better than Dr. Randall Kertz, who, in addition to being a bassist is also a practicing chiropractic physician and acupuncturist. A graduate of the Musician’s Institute (back in the B.I.T. days), he was active in the Hollywood music scene for several years before deciding to pursue a career in alternative medicine. His interest in both fields eventually led him to publish two volumes of a book called The Bassist’s Guide to Injury Management, Prevention and Better Health. The second volume, released last year, includes a section on advice and exercises featuring commentary from well-known bassists like Steve Bailey, John Clayton, Esperanza Spalding and Victor Wooten.  

Watch our interview with Dr. Kertz!

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Dr. Kertz’s books are available here.


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