How to play a good, solid rock bass line

Sometimes just one or two notes per bar is all you need

By Jon Liebman
May 30, 2024

How confident are you in your ability to play a good, solid rock bass line?

Is there a chance you’re making it harder than it is?

Just like learning any style on the bass, when setting out to play rock, start simple and build from there, only pulling out the busy stuff only if it helps the song. 

The good news is, sometimes playing only one or two notes per bar is all you need. (The other good news is, there is no bad news!)

In this week’s video, watch and listen as I play a rock bass line, starting very simple, then building gradually. It’ll give you an idea of some of what’s possible, and it’ll show you how effective a super simple bass can be.

Then give it a try and see what you can come up with. Remember, start simple, then build gradually, one step at a time.

Leave a comment below and share your thoughts, experiences, or questions.

Let’s play bass!

– Jon

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