TM Stevens

Heavy metal funkster tells FBPO his whole story, from the early years in the Bronx to tales of James Brown, Miles Davis and Tina Turner. Incredible  6-part video interview!

Exclusive interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
August 8, 2011

TM Stevens is a legendary figure in today’s music scene.  Easily recognized from his trademark blonde dreadlocks, funky get-up and sunglasses, TM is known the world over for his non-stop energy and stunning stage presence.

Throughout the course of a decades-long career, Stevens has performed and/or recorded with an incredibly wide range of musical artists, including Steve Vai, Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, Billy Joel, the Pretenders, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bernie Worrell, Joe Cocker, James Brown, Miles Davis, John McLaughlin and countless others.  Equally talented as a producer, songwriter, singer and instrumentalist, TM also fronts his own “heavy metal funk” band, Shocka Zooloo.

Trailer – Just a taste of what you’ll see in our exclusive 6-part interview!

Part I – The early years

Part II – On getting established as a bass player on the New York music scene

Part III – Getting to know James Brown

Part IV – More on James Brown, in the studio with Tina Turner, the gig with Miles

Part V – John McLaughlin, the Pretenders, Shocka Zooloo, heavy metal funk

Part VI – Touring with Bootsy Collins, words of wisdom, final thoughts

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