Bass Player Interviews

With over 800 one-at-a-time interviews with bass players of just about every style and genre, you’re bound to find somebody (or, more likely, lots of somebodies!) that interest you. Take a look around. There’s lots to see!

Chuck Rainey

One of the most recorded bass players in music history tells FBPO all about the sessions, life in the studio and life on the road!

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Mimi Jones

Multi-talented bassist/vocalist/composer discusses her jazz upbringing, traveling for the State Department and new CD

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Uriah Duffy

Musical chameleon talks to FBPO about being Whitesnake’s bass player, life on the road and how to be proficient in every style!

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Mark Egan

In-demand bassist shares his insights on Jaco, the Metheney gig, his collection of exotic basses and lots more!

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Mike Merritt

Conversation with Mike Merritt, the Conan O’Brien bassist and son of jazz legend Jymie Merritt, who is a star in his own right!

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