Rocco Prestia, RIP

Rocco Prestia: 1951-2020

Legendary fingerstyle funk bassist leaves unparalleled legacy

By Jon Liebman
September 30, 2020

Francis Rocco Prestia, longtime legendary bass player for Tower of Power, has passed away at the age of 69 after a long battle with various health issues.

In a statement of Rocco’s Facebook page, admin Brian Rachlin wrote:

Rocco passed away last night at age 69. There was so much more music to make and many more things to do for this man. It’s a terrible loss to the music community. Many tributes will follow. Many words will be said.

I believe that some people are just born to play a particular instrument and Rocco was born to be a bass player. He had many influences, but he took those influences and turned them into his own style of “Finger Style Funk.”

Rocco’s contribution to Tower of Power speaks for itself. He was very much responsible for creating their sound.

He leaves behind a legacy through his recorded music and videos and will live on in the memories of all the fans all over the world that he thrilled with his work.

He had a wonderful smile and when he smiled at something you did or said it made you feel great.

After years of medical problems he is finally at peace and at rest.

Thank you Rocco for a job well done.

Thank you for being Rocco.

Comments on Rocco Prestia, RIP

  1. Rest In Peace Rocca Prestia. Your bass playing and finger style influenced many bassists through the years.

  2. Rae Runge says:

    Such sad news!????

  3. Arlo Coker says:

    His funky finger bass playing influenced so many bass players. His legacy will last forever!! RIH

  4. David says:

    Rocco, Thanks for the legacy you leave behind, you were a great influence in my playing
    Rest in Peace.

  5. Kerry Jordan says:

    Rest In Peace Rocco. Your style will never forgotten nor replaced.

  6. Eric T Peterson aka Petey says:

    I saw TOP 5 times. 2 of them with Bobby Vega filling in for Rocco; and the last 3 with Rocco. When I saw Rocco back with them, OMG! I was like he never left! His fingerstyle 16 note runs with David’s drumming is something to be desired! Talking about the funkiest bottom of the band! I’m glad I had the chance to witness his musical prowess! He will definitely be missed! May he R.I.P.

  7. Myron Zuidema says:

    Rest In Peace Rocco❤️ The best double push beat bassist of all time!

  8. Denis1 says:

    RIP Rocco, you were “The” bass player who’s funk and playing style inspired me to pursue the bass. You brought me many,many hours of shear listening pleasure. Thank you ????????

  9. Baz Golin says:

    RIP, Rocco, groovemeister extraordinaire for Tower Of Power for 50 years. You wrote the bass book on Funk without slapping. The first time I participated in a crowdfunding project was when TOP was trying to help Rocco get a kidney transplant. Rocco got his kidney and thanked us with this t-shirt. He’s been on borrowed time and had to stop touring with the band a couple of years ago, but he’s on all but a couple of tracks on the latest 2 TOP albums. Nobody plays bass like Rocco – one of a kind, and alongside David Garibaldi on drums, the tightest rhythm section on earth for decades. End of an era…

  10. Joao H A Machado says:

    Thank you very much for everything you taught me about bass since those distant 70s, since the first time I heard “So very hard to go” and “What is hip”. Rest in peace, Mr. Rocco.

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