Why slap bass is still cool!

More and more people are asking to learn this style!

By Jon Liebman
May 2, 2024

When I first discovered slap bass, back in the early ’80s, I couldn’t get enough of it! I grabbed every recording I could get my hands on with Larry Graham, Louis Johnson, Stanley Clarke and all the other slap bass pioneers.

After a few years, though, it looked like that style of bass playing had gone out of favor. People seemed to get tired of it (some never liked it to begin with, but that’s another story).

The way I see it, slap bass is as popular as ever. A lot of my students are telling me they really want to learn that technique.

And my Funk Bass book — published in 1992! — is still selling like crazy!

I also see a lot of people who feel intimidated about learning slap, thinking they need to play like Marcus Miller of Victor Wooten in order to be a good slap bass player.

Not true! In fact, it’s amazing how great you can make the music feel just by laying down a super simple groove.

Watch the video below, where I explain and demonstrate.



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