Ralf Gauck

Ralf Gauck

Ralf Gauck

Exclusive interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
April 10, 2017

German virtuoso talks of Charlie Haden, Sting and brand new Franz bassguitars signature instrument

Ralf Gauck is a German bass player, widely heralded for his solo work, as well as interpretations of music of the Beatles and Sting.

The long and varied list of noted musicians with whom Ralf has collaborated includes Michael Manring, Sándor Szabó, Tony Sheridan, Denny Seiwell, Andres Godoy, Peter Ratzenbeck, Jacques Stotzem, Claus Boesser Ferrari and many others.

Recognized for his mastery of the acoustic bass guitar and highly skilled fretless playing, Ralf is the recipient of several awards and distinctions, including “Best German Bass Player” and “Best German Instrumental Solo Player.”

Ralf’s latest CD, kopfKINO, was released in early 2017.

FBPO’s Jon Liebman sat down with Ralf at the Franz bassguitars booth at the 2017 London Bass Guitar Show.

Watch our interview with Ralf!

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