Jeff Lace

Late founder’s son provides first-hand account of the history – and legacy – of Lace Music Products

August 2, 2016

Lace Music Products is one of the most highly respected companies in the music industry. Founded in 1979 by Don Lace Sr., Lace is widely known throughout the world for its unmatched “noiseless” pickups. Over the decades, the quality of Lace pickups has captured the attention of music icons Pete Townsend, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and many others, all of whom have used Lace products.

Since Don’s death in 1992, the company has been run by his sons, Don Jr. and Jeff, who continue to push the envelope, striving for innovation and excellence in everything they do, propelled by the mantra, “There’s always a better way.”

FGPO’s Jon Liebman caught up with Jeff Lace at the 2016 summer NAMM show in Nashville.

Watch our interview with Jeff!

Comments on Jeff Lace

  1. Tyson Cobb says:

    Dear Sir’s I can’t seem to get any suport or acknowledgment from the Lace Family for the Engineering Department I created for Jeff Lace Music Products in 1993, there were no drawings of any kind only pencil sketc hes on the back of Denny’s placemats or notebook pages sometimes incomplete
    but checked and finished all drawings and a Drawing Number System for every single nut and bolt for every product they had at the time but was laid off by them as soon as it was finished, and have also worked on an acoustic bronze guitar pickup that was being created by Kerri the Sister. Sincerely,
    Tyson A. Cobb.

    1. Jon Liebman says:

      Tyson, sorry for your frustration. We’ve never had any affiliation with that company, nor have we spoken to anyone from Lace in several years. I wish I had a more encouraging answer for you.

  2. Tyson Cobb says:

    Apparently they now choose to have people think they’re Engineering Department was there all along and to hell with the person who created it for them, (me). Thank You for Your acknowledgment of my claim Sir Jon Liebman, Sincerely,
    Tyson Cobb.

  3. Tyson Cobb says:

    To Hell with my reply. How about someone else’s reply about the whole situation, a complete lack of ethics on the entire Lace Family lack of ethics,
    Sincerely, Tyson Cobb.

  4. Tyson A Cobb says:

    I’m Sorry, Sir it was Karrie Lace, Acoustic Bronze Sensor Guitar Pickup and Pickup Housing that holds Pickup and fits in Instrument Sound Hole. Thank You,
    Tyson A Cobb.

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