John Taylor

Duran Duran bassist talks of early punk influences, equipment and that iconic “Rio” bass line!

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
January 9, 2017

John Taylor is a bassist and vocalist from Birmingham, England, best known as a founding member of the new wave band Duran Duran. The group enjoyed great success, particularly during the MTV mania of the 1980s, churning out a string of hits, including “Rio,” “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “Come Undone” and several others.

Taylor was also a member of other popular groups, most notably The Power Station, with Robert Palmer, and Neurotic Disorders, with former Sex Pistol, Steve Jones.

As an actor, John appeared in Sugar Town, an independent film about aging rockers, written by Allison Anders and Kurt Voss.

FBPO’s Jon Liebman caught up with John recently in Hollywood, CA, to talk bass, influences and the future.

Watch our interview with John!

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