Michael Rhodes

Country session legend on touring with Bonamassa and improving on bass

We are saddened to have learned of Michael’s untimely passing on Mar 4, 2023. It was a privilege to have known him. RIP. 🙁

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
January 6, 2020

Michael Rhodes is a bona fide country music great. A ten-time recipient of the “Bass Player of the Year” award from the Academy of Country Music, Rhodes has been recognized for his acclaimed work as a session player and member of iconic groups, like the Notorious Cherry Bombs and the Cicadas. Currently a member of Joe Bonamassa’s band, Michael has led a memorable career working with country stars like Allan Rich, Wynonna Judd, Randy Travis, Reba McEntire, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and The Dixie Chicks, as well as artists like Elton John, Darius Rucker and Stevie Nicks. In addition to his recent studio work, Rhodes has also been active with bands like The Fortunate Sons, The Players and the Vinyl Kings.

FBPO’s Jon Liebman recently met with Rhodes at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, for a conversation that touched on his formative years, influences, experiences working with Joe Bonamassa and thoughts on improving as a bass player.

Watch our interview with Michael!

See Jon’s blog, with key takeaways from this interview, here.

Comments on Michael Rhodes

  1. John S. DeMaria says:

    I agree with everything thing Mr. Rhodes stated in the article I read. Team work in a band is essential to a good performance. A good bass player is always heard. Many think soloing is the height of craft and I think the opposite. Bass like the drums keeps thing grooving. Accents and small riffs give favor to a piece. Bass hooks like guitar ones make you remember a particular song, than some solo.

  2. Marshall says:

    Jon …
    Your interviews are so honest and transparent.
    This interview with Michael Rhodes was gold.
    Keep up the great work ..

  3. Linda says:

    Amazing interview with Michael Rhoades. I have been fascinated with his playing along with Joe Bonamassa and I’m totally stoked to be seeing him live at the Greek theater next week

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