Rocco Prestia’s bass grooving technique

Breaking down those pulsating 16th-note bass grooves

By Jon Liebman
June 13, 2024

I remember when I first heard Rocco Prestia’s bass playing on a Tower of Power record. Just like everyone else, I said, “Whoa! Who’s that?!”

When you listen to his killer bass lines on those T.O.P. records it’s easy to see why Rocco is one of the most influential bass players of our time.

One of the things he’s best known for is that 16th-note “machine-gun” style of bass playing. It’s like he take a groove that already feels great — and puts it on steroids!

In this week’s video, I break down some of Rocco’s technique, with tips on how you can learn to play in that 16th-note style too. It may not be as overwhelming as you think!

Check out the video, then leave a comment below and tell me about your experience. Good luck.

Let’s play bass!


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