Want to learn bass? Don’t go it alone.

Stop wasting time and start grooving!

By Jon Liebman
March 4, 2022

You want to learn bass. Let’s just say that’s a given.

The important question is: How are you going about it?

Are you trying the YouTube method? (Oy!) There’s certainly a lot of stuff there. Some of it’s even good. But, as you probably found out pretty quickly, there’s also a lot of stuff that’s, well, let’s just say “not good,” and politely leave it at that.

The good news is, whatever you’re looking for is definitely out there. Somewhere. But how long do you think it would take you to find it? For that matter, how sure are you that you even know what to look for in order to learn bass? The right way.

The topic came up during a recent conversation I had with the inimitable Rob Stoner, longtime music director for Bob Dylan, and the bass player on Don McLean’s classic “American Pie” record. My conversation with Rob is published as this week’s (must-watch!) FBPO interview. 

After sharing with Rob how most of the students coming to For Bass Players Only are boomers who’ve “always wanted” to learn bass – especially music from the ‘60s and ‘70s that meant so much to them when they were growing up – he got right to it, offering dead-on advice for anyone who wants to learn bass. Rob’s advice is beyond simple!

“You can’t do it on your own,” says Rob. “You need guidance.”

Simply stated and right to the point. Thanks, Rob! 

Sure, you can find what you need online. As I said, it’s out there, somewhere! But who wants to spend all that time and energy sifting through countless videos and other sources, hoping against hope to find something that truly hits the spot? Not you, I’m guessing.

“You gotta have a teacher man,” Rob emphasizes. “You need a program.”

Even if you have to pay for it, isn’t it worth it to save all that time and get yourself on track right away, doing the right stuff, and actually making music?

Most people would give an emphatic “Yes!”

I feel so privileged to have helped over 125,000 people learn bass. Trying to calculate the hours these students saved by avoiding never-ending, time-sucking YouTube searches is an impossible feat. Today, these people are grooving away, playing music that they love, and having more fun than they ever imagined!

Even if you don’t choose For Bass Players Only as your source for learning bass, do yourself a favor and save yourself untold hours of searching, trying, experimenting, and wondering. Seek out a trusted source for learning bass.

Take it from Rob. “You gotta have an experienced instructor,” he says. “You need an experienced guide to show you where it’s at.”

What about you? Have you tried searching YouTube in your quest for learning bass? How efficient was the process? Leave a comment below and let me know about your experience. In the meantime, watch my interview with Rob here.

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