Wes Hauch

Wes Hauch

Alluvial guitarist speaks out on the “Achilles’ heel of metal players”

Exclusive video interview with FGPO’s Jon Liebman
April 10, 2019

By David Sands

Wes Hauch likes to play metal. And Wes Hauch likes to shred. And as a former guitarist with bands like The Faceless, Glass Casket and  Black Crown Initiate, he’s had ample opportunities to do both of these things. Lately he’s been busy with his band Alluvial, a collaboration that also features fellow guitarist Keith Merrow.

During this year’s Winter NAMM show, FGPO’s Jon Liebman got a chance to speak with Hauch about musical influences like Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, how Periphery changed his career trajectory, thoughts about jazz and “going down the rabbit hole of the riff.”

Watch our interview with Wes!

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