Bass Players As Band Leaders — Why Not?

A shout-out to all the bassists who have assumed leadership roles

By Jon Liebman
June 11, 2018

My interview with Tim Landers got me to thinking about all the bass-playing sidemen — and side women — who stepped up to the front, paving the way for the bass player to function as the bona fide Leader of the Band!

Watch our interview with Tim Landers by clicking here.

Comments on Bass Players As Band Leaders — Why Not?

  1. Jack Woods says:

    ….Did you ever think how often the bass player is the driving and creative force of a group? Here are a FEW notables: Brian Wilson, Paul McCartney, Entwistle, Geddy Lee, Jack Bruce, WILLIE DIXON.

  2. Brian Thomson says:

    Don’t forget Roger Waters of Pink Floyd and Peter Cetera of Chicago

  3. Bel Cooper says:

    What about the excellent Benjamin Orr, he stated out playing drums, guitar and also keyboards. He had a brilliant Voice and started out at 13 years of age. Appearing on TV shows based in Cleveland, Ohio, a very kind and well liked man, who never forgot where he came from. A true Star.

  4. Also Ben Orr of the Cars, Played in various bands from the age of 13, was a multi instrumentalist with a wonderful Singing Voice. He could sing in any style. An unassuming and modest man. Well liked and respected.

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