Joshua Lopez

Widowmaker Studios owner talks Immortal Guardian gig, proper bass-player conditioning 

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
July 11, 2022

Multi-instrumentalist Joshua Lopez is the kind of guy who knows how to keep a lot of pots boiling at the same time. His stellar multi-tasking abilities are especially evident when it comes to his music career. The Texas native plays bass with the power metal band Immortal Guardian and shreds guitar for Levatio, a band that draws on both neo-classical and Latin music. Josh is also the founder of Sonic Boom, a four-piece tribute band that reimagines classic video game, TV and movie themes in a heavy metal style. And, as if that’s not enough, he’s also the owner and engineer of Widowmaker Studios, a production studio that specializes in rock and metal music.

Watch our interview with Josh!

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Comments on Joshua Lopez

  1. Ted White says:

    Every bass player should be aware of the suggestions you make. Regardless of genre, age or skill level. Being guided carefully by
    a professional is invaluable and know your limits. Have fun, play easy and avoid injury at all cost.

    1. Jon Liebman says:

      Thanks, Ted!

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