Mark Corradetti

Veteran session bassist talks about the relentless gigging that made him a pro

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
May 20, 2019

By David Sands

Mark Corradetti understands the benefits of being versatile. A veteran session player with years of experience in New York, Nashville and Los Angeles, he’s ready for whatever the next gig might ask of him, whether it be a rock, jazz, country or EDM recording, or even a theater production. 

Over the years, he’s worked with artists and musicians as diverse as Dann Glenn, John Carter Cash, Counting Clouds, Brockett Parsons, The Dtease, Billy Mason, South 65 and Michael W. Smith. More recently the Berklee-educated bassist has been playing live shows with Hungarian trumpeter Barabas Lorinc, Jonathan Mceuen and the String Wizards and Smarticus. For the last several years, Corradetti has been collaborating via online sessions with artists from around the world. He’s also a member of Paradigm Sync, a group that focuses on creating music specifically for media, publishing, and sync placement.

FBPO’s Jon Liebman met up with Corradetti during this year’s Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California for a conversation that covered his early years gigging and transcribing music in the NYC area, the influence of bassists like Carol Kaye and James Jamerson and Berklee instructors Whit Brown and Bruce Gertz, what he’s looking for when it comes to gear and his future plans in the music industry.

Watch our interview with Mark!


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