Roger Sadowsky

Renowned instrument maker talks about his new Warwick partnership

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
January 13, 2020

By David Sands

One of the world’s premier manufacturers of handcrafted instruments, Roger Sadowsky and his company Sadowsky Guitars have helped set the bar for high-end guitars and basses for over four decades now.

A former apprentice of luthier Augie LoPrinzi, Sadowsky initially developed his reputation doing top-end restoration and repair work in Philadelphia and New York. He founded Sadowsky Guitars in 1979 with his sights set on providing working musicians with high-quality instruments enhanced by improvements he’d developed during his time as a repair expert.

Since that time, top players have certainly taken notice his efforts. Sadowsky’s instruments have been embraced by an eye-popping lineup of musicians that includes bass players like Marcus Miller, Jason Newsted, Michael Rhodes, Darryl Jones and Will Lee, as well as guitarists like Pat Metheny, Greg Lake and Earl Klugh.

During a recent celebration of Sadowsky’s new manufacturing and distribution partnership with Warwick and Framus, held in Markneukirchen, Germany, FBPO’s Jon Liebman had a chance to chat with the famous craftsman about his new licensing agreement, time as a guitarist, thoughts on working with elite musicians and plans for the future.   

Watch our interview with Roger!


See Jon’s blog, with key takeaways from this interview, here.

Comments on Roger Sadowsky

  1. Mike Grosser says:

    Nice interview
    Roger is a master and quality human being
    All the best to him!

  2. Ken says:

    For what it’s worth Greg Lake was a bassist NOT a guitarist.

  3. Mark La Ciura says:

    Great interview With Roger … thank you both for taking the time! fantastic News / info.

  4. Brynjar Pihl says:

    Very cool interview…!!!
    All the best to Mr. Sadowsky.
    And Jon… I am having a great time with your latest « Bass chops « !!!
    I agree with you ; let’s play bass !!!!

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