Damian Erskine

Damian Erskine

Improv master talks about getting bass lessons from Jaco as a child

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
January 21, 2019

By David Sands

Damian Erskine is a phenomenally versatile bass player who’s known for his knack with grooves and his improvisational prowess. A regular touring bassist with ex-Weather Report drummer Peter Erskine and Canadian pop singer Gino Vannelli, he’s also performed or recorded with The Jaco Pastorius Big Band, The Buddy Rich Alumni All-Star Band, Charmaine Neville, Bob Sheppard, George Colligan. Beyond that, Erskine has released three solo albums and two instructional books, served as a columnist with several bass publications and teaches as an adjunct professor with Portland State University.

It’s been nearly a decade since FBPO’s Jon Liebman last spoke with the prolific Mr. Erskine. They caught up with each other during a recent performance at Andiamo’s in Warren, Michigan for a conversation that touched on his early encounters with Weather Report; recent gigs with Gino, Peter Erskine and the WDR Big Band; and his newest solo album.

Watch our interview with Damian!

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