Nelson Montana

Unorthodox bassist opens up about his new release and playing music his way
Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
June 6, 2022

You might call Nelson Montana a multi-multi-instrumentalist. The New York native plays 11 instruments in total, though his primary focus happens to be our beloved bass. An alumnus of the Manhattan School of Music, Montana made a name for himself early in his career playing with the avant-garde group Popular Science. He also established himself as a veteran sideman on the New York music scene and spent several years as a bassist with folk singer David Ippolito’s band. In addition to his musical output, Montana is a prolific writer and occasional actor. He may be most recognizable, however, for his solo albums, on which he understandably plays multiple roles. Montana’s most recent solo effort, Left Turn at Tradition, was released in April.

Watch our interview with Nelson!

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