Pepe Hernández

Pepe Hernandez

Mexican bass all-star tells us all about his two latest albums

Exclusive video interview with FBPO’s Jon Liebman
April 15, 2019

By David Sands 

Pepe Hernández’s basslines have earned him quite a reputation in his native Mexico. There they call him Mr. Groove. Known for his work in Latin jazz, folk and pop music scenes, the popular touring and session bassist, composer and producer has recorded more than 500 albums. Over the last 35 years he’s also played with some of the top names in Mexican and Latin American music, including José José, Emmanuel, Vikki Carr, Eugenia León, Guadalupe Pineda, Armando Manzanero and Tania Libertad. 

FBPO’s Jon Liebman met up with Hernández to discuss recent albums, gear and some ambitious upcoming projects.

Watch our interview with Pepe!


See Jon’s blog, with key takeaways from this interview, here.

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  1. marcus davis says:

    Personally i don’t think it matters.Like the man said its all about what you’re comfortable with.Me personally i like the low B ,but i also play a 6 string so if i want to get down and dirty the low B is there and if i want to solo in the upper registers of the Bass,the high C is there also.Also depends on your imagination.

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