Halo & Solus

Frontman and guitarist-bassist of Element a440 on making rock with no regrets

By David Sands
May 9, 2018

Element a440 does what it wants, with no apologies. And that means making music that provokes and moves. The Phoenix-based band takes a hook-heavy, electronic-infused approach to industrial metal that incorporates edgy lyrics and theatrical stage shows. They’ve been attracting attention too. In 2013 the independent rock music network Project Independent named them as a featured artist and chose them as their headlining act for a U.S. tour. And two years ago, the group won the “Best Live Performance by an Unsigned Band” award at the National Association of Independent Rock Music Awards (NAIRMA).

FGPO’s Jon Liebman had a chance to speak with Element a440’s frontman-guitarist Halo and guitar and second bass player Solus during this year’s Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, California. Their conversation delved into inspirations, motivations, gear, family and other topics.

Watch our interview with Halo and Solus!

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