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How Doug Wimbish is using his “WimBash” to help young people

By Jon Liebman
August 30, 2018

In this week’s interview with Living Colour bassist Doug Wimbish, there was a lot of talk about the latest “WimBash,” Doug’s longstanding, ever-popular live event. I’ve known Doug for a long time and cannot recall ever seeing him so excited and enthused about a project.

This most recent WimBash, August 18, was built around a partnership Doug fostered with the public schools system in New Haven, CT, to raise money to put instruments in the hands of students. Dismayed at seeing funding being continuously depleted for music and arts programs in states and local cities, Doug was determined to do something about it.

“It’s easy to say, ‘Let somebody else solve that problem,’ Doug says. “It’s not going to get fixed unless you take the time to figure out a way,” he continues. “Whether you’re a musician or you’re a person who has access to getting some instruments, please take the time to go into the community and see what you can do to make a change.” He’s organized a 501(c)3 and a GoFundMe campaign to further the cause.

Earlier this summer, Doug traveled to the Dominican Republic, where he organized a WimBash in conjunction with The Dream Project, a non-profit organization currently helping more than 8,200 children, youth and young adults get a better education by way of its 14 programs in 27 communities. On a previous visit to that country, Doug helped start a music school, which now has some 250 enrolled students. According to Doug, at least two alumni from the school are currently attending the music conservatory in the Dominican Republic.

It’s a very inspiring interview. You can watch it by clicking here.

To donate to the New Haven WimBash cause, click here.

For information about the Dream Project, click here.

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